Sunday, 23 March 2014

POS Bashing, a good case of the giggles and BOB

So a little over a week ago we were fighting for our very right to exist in W-Space. Well I'd like to share with you a story about a bonding sessions The 12 Month Challenge (12MOC) members had together. It was almost a religious experience only those who have ever tried to bash a Large online POS with 4 people for many hours in W-Space could ever truly understand.

We had logged on to catch our would be invaders starting the set-up of a second large POS in our system. We were fairly evenly matched by the time our crew managed to log on at 7-4 odds their favour. So we offered out a fight and when it wasn't taken started warping about the system and sitting on the High-Sec Wormhole to prevent anyone else utilising it.

No fight forthcoming we surveyed the POS towers. One was incredibly well armed while it appeared the second was not set-up yet hopefully due to our activities. We formed up our best POS bashing fleet we could muster and set on the POS both before and after downtime. after a good solid 7 hours of bashing we finally reinforced it and went to bed ready for our daily activities the next day.

During that 7 hour period we went through many phases. The first was discussing whether or not they had time to put stront in the tower, what they would do the next day when they found out or small little corp wasn't going to lie down roll over and play dead and also the various weather fronts at each of our real life locations. after 3-4 hours all the bad jokes were coming out something as simple as the chicken crossing the road would have had everyone in hysterics. We were in high spirits. We were beating up on a now defenceless POS and slowly but surely chewing its shield away. There would be no quarter given we knew we could win this fight from that POS bash.

Finally the giggling settled down. We were all connected by our sense of purpose. United against our foe. And we felt very assured that BOB was with us as these guys clearly didn't belong in W-Space. They had not taken one fight or even made any attempt to do so. We are all pretty sure this kind of attitude is what has angered BOB so much and has caused him to send his righteous followers to drive them from W-Space time and time again.

To quote a great prophet of BOB
#4Posted: 2012.07.29 21:06
To appease Bob, you must:

- Always provide a fight when it is presented.
- Learn to fight wisely in Bob's Presence.
- Sacrifice a shuttle to Bob before running His Sites.
- Squander none of Bob's Gifts.
- Carry exactly what you need.

These are the fundamentals. Learn them well.
ISD Dorrim Barstorlode
Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)
Interstellar Services Department

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