Monday, 10 March 2014

Low-Sec Shenanigans

So I took one of my fellow touree's who hasn't been in much PvP before into Low-Sec during the in-between period and we decided to have some fun. I was packing a crazy fit Vexor and the Enyo. He brought along a Hookbill fitted for range and speed. I gave him one task and that was to stay at long point range and shoot things.

Well we found a rupture solo gate camping a High-Ses/Low-Sec gate and I sent the Enyo in as bait. Sure enough he agressed and we jumped our forces in and began to pummel this poor sod. Well It neuted the Enyo pretty quickly and the Voxor fit came into play at this point. pulling a whopping 300 Drone DPS and packing 2 Medium Remote Repairers as well as appropriate tank and cap booster it kept the Enyo up and the rupture attempted to deagress. He got very lucky that our only real tackle was a newbie and was orbiting at point range and thus lost point. He got away and we moved on our newbie having learnt a valuable lesson about setting realistic orbiting distances.

So after down time and a bit of a roam we encountered a Noctis about to jump through a gate. Not having come to pirate just yet we followed it through to find a Myrmadon on the other side already pointing the Noctis. Well this was what we were looking for we all jumped and locked up and started blapping the Myrm. After about 15 seconds he dropped point on the Noctis giving it up and focused on the Enyo which was scramming him at this point. Well he really stood no chance of doing any real damage with the hammerheads he had out so we kept engaging until I noticed a corp mate of his in local. I ordered an overheat as it was losing structure every salvo and we quickly finished him and his pod off while a Proteus landed and also agressed the Enyo.

We hadn't just found ourselves a target this time we had ourselves a small battle. So next in line for our squad was the Proteus which tried for some unknown reason to kite us off the gate which really worked for me as I wasn't planning on jumping and i figured he would need to sooner or later when he failed to break the Enyo. Well it went down as planned I webbed him 30Km off the gate and the newbie kept point the whole time and he hit half armor before turning around for the gate. At this point 2 more of his corp members appeared in local and I knew that this fight wasn't ending in us all sitting in our ships. But we weren't there to make ISK just for the fight so fight we did. First on grid was a stabber fleet followed promptly by a Loki. The Loki turned a full rack of neuts on the Enyo and the stabber started hounding on the poor little fella. Well the Enyo earn't his keep here when I turned off guns and mods except the AB, Vampire and repper and turned on the Vexor's Reps. Well the Proteus must of been pretty scared at this point as he deagressed and tried to head for the gate while going deep into armor. Finally somebody in their group had a brain storm and the Loki turned its neuts on the Vexor. Well this signaled the beginning of the end as the vexor was a much easier and softer target then the Enyo and burned down pretty quickly despite 2 medium reppers overheated. With all our guns overheating we saw the BRICK of a Proteus finally take the first bit of structure damage.

Sadly it was the Vexor who went down first and the Proteus burnt outta range of the Enyo which was finally webbed for the first time during this whole engagement. I ordered a scatter and my newbie got away while the Enyo got chewed up. After it all we killed a little over 100 while only losing 60 (thank you for not getting your pod out and keeping us positive). Well we had fun and my newbie learnt some vital PvP tactics. Also that is one group of pirates that just learnt the secret of the RR Vexor. Next time I go to tangle with them it will be with the support Myrm. Stay tuned for that story :D

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