Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Very Rocky Start

So typical me forgot to update my skill queue again. Thankfully my work computer reminded me so I logged on really quickly to update it. Being that this is W-Space as I warped into my POS I hit D-Scan and what I saw shocked me.

There were several T3 ships as well as quite a few others. Well not having the time or ability to play at work I offered an arranged fight in local over the weekend so we could actually bring them a fight and honour the 'code' of living in a Wormhole.

I was set-up in a private conversation with 2 CEO's of 2 corps and repeated myself and said I could arrange probably a 3v3 or 4v4 over the weekend if they were interested. As it turned out they weren't there for a fair fight. I told them we are all AU TZ so they wont get a gank out of us at this time either and they said they weren't there to gank us either. I asked the magic question 'What are you here for then'. The answer was quite simple 'The Hole'. I wished them luck and told them that I would bring them a fight after all and it would be tonight and not later. One of my other Touree's was able to log on shortly after and kept feeding me Intel on their movements. Two 25 man corps had set-up 2 Large POS's in our home and were bringing in a tremendous number of ships.

I did something I like to pride myself in, Research. It didn't take long before I knew more about their past then they would have liked. Turns out one of the corps has been extremely inactive for recent memory and the other one got kicked out of their C4 followed by their C2 a little later. Man these guys deserved a break but this was not going to be it. We were only here for our 3 months of the tour but I wasn't about to pack up and go just because these lads were having a bad month and thought they could come in and take over. Ironically we were chasing neighbours to live here with us but we weren't allowing bully's in ;).

Well we couldn't handle this on our own. We certainly weren't moving out just because a bigger kid had more muscle. We frantically went about calling in help from all our sources and contacts. It however never arrived in the form we had hoped for as they were either busy or couldn't commit to a time to help so we waited and waited. As we all finally finished up our real life commitments and rushed on-line to take charge of the defence of our home just as the last of our new 'temporary' neighbours logged off. Well we hadn't been able to try and defend ourselves properly due to Timezone differences and they knew it would be that way. But 2 can play that game so we went about reinforcing their brand new POS and setting up another of our own in system. This would be a battle of the wallet and a battle of wills not a battle of numbers. Our new POS ensured this as it was as monstrous as their first one they put up in system.

I contacted old comrades in arms and soon a wardec went out to make their lives that little bit harder. No matter what anyone says I know from personal experience that the lack of free movement in High-Sec can make all the difference. Finally when all else failed and our expected help never materialised I went about using said wallet to more effect then all out bat phoning put together. I contacted the lads who had kicked them out of their previous homes to do it one more time.

Well it cost a lot but I convinced them to do the dirty work of removing the POS that could hold us at bay forever. So finally just as the POS went into reinforce I got the message from the Mercs that they would indeed take down the troublesome POS for us for quite a substantial cost.

So to wrap it up our first week in W-Space so far has been extremely eventful. We set-up a POS and went to null sec for some fun from one of our connections. Then we went on to defend our space from would be invaders. So far they have not actually attempted to engage us when numbers are under 2-1 odds their favour. So here's hoping we do get a fight out of them at some point before we kick them to the kerb

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