Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Yaarrrr... huh...

This is a tale from when I was scouting out my new Low-Sec home and moving some ships into it. Well it all started one fine day in space. The sun was shining, downtime had just ended and I was one of the only people online. This same time often happens to coincide with my youngest child waking up for a feed. Well I hit jump on a gate as it was a long warp and that would give me the better part of two mins to get back to the computer. Well if you have kids you know that when you do something like this it never quite pans out like that when it matters.

So there was my pod AFK decloaked off a gate in the middle of Low-Sec and who should stumble upon it but a resident pirate I had already flagged as such. Well he got the brilliant if some what deluded idea of ransoming my pod back to me which to be totally truthful I would have paid about 50 mil for.

Anyway two things went very lucky for me here. The first was that I was just sitting back down to the computer with a bundle of a child in one arm and the second was that he was in a stealth bomber which isn't particularly apt at pod popping or and surviving gate guns. So as I look at the screen I see my pod go into structure and my agressor go PoP in a brilliant flash and then sit next to me in his Pod. Well with nothing else to bedone i bumped his pod and warped ot the nearest station.

We had a good old chat afterwards about what went wrong and what not but I'd just like to give a shout out to the first guy that gave me a kill using only my pod :D. Thanks Mr pirate and better luck next time.

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