Monday, 28 July 2014

The day after the day after our eviction day

When I awoke for the day I decided to log in and check on things. Intel flooded my mail box on our would be evictors mining efforts and which station they were most likely trading at. Crafty Bears they knew we had eyes on them and were preforming mundane tasks to mess with us. Even at this moment precious scout hours were being drawn away from their true plan.

With this revelation morale was shattered in one blow. we all knew we had missed something critical when the scout left his post to pursue this pointless lead. Well in an effort to salvage morale I had no choice but a public whipping at 'Pro Communitate'. This failed to lift morale and so an edict was decreed that random whippings would be handed out until morale improved.

After 3 days of 'almost' around the clock sentry duty I felt the lads needed a break. I took over the watching for hours on end whilst performing 'other' corp duties. Once everybody returned from shopping and fitting up various ships a few of the newer members ran the sites in the C2 that had staticed into us. It wasn't long before they returned with loot. Our evictors to be still hadn't shown their heads this day either...

With nothing left to do but wait we rolled our C3 static over and over looking for a system with some sort of content. Failing to find anything after 5 rolls we called it a early night and I set about plotting and planning out what our next step should be...

Promised eviction day +1?

We all assembled in TS one by one for fear of logging on alone to what we may find. We had all logged off in our most precious ships and decided we would bring a sudden and violent counter attack to the invaders that had surely spent the day bringing down our POS's and rape caging us in.

I gave the command and our forces hit their log in buttons on all accounts. Reports streamed in in a flurry from all sides of Lemons... No body was rape caged. well that was a promising start. Nobody reported any towers or mods had been incapped or even shot at. Hmm perhaps they were waiting for us to let our guard down. We went about scanning down our connections and low and behold everything was normal.

Knowing our evictiors to be could be anywhere I gave the command to check our asteroid fields for ships masking themselves behind asteroids. Our scouts returned negative reports. We checked our C3 Static to see if they were hiding out there. Nothing...

Well this was indeed not what we had all feared. However being ever vigilant I posted scouts on all holes in our system and the 1 static the C3 had to offer and we went to earn some isk in preparation for defending our home. perhaps I got the days mixed up. We were dealing with French Carebears after all maybe they meant 1900 tomorrow? We farmed quickly and efficiently ever vigilant of d-scan and our home. After successfully clearing the sites we retreated back home and placed even greater defences with the proceeds of our own bearing.

Morale was improving a little but not enough to say it had returned to its usual gloomy state that is the life of low class denizens. I decided to take a break for the day and gave out the sentry rotations list. We were going to be ready for when they came. The walls manned 24/7 and all of us ready to jump at a moments notice we all retired to our beds confident that our eyes would keep us safe throughout the night...

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 0 of promised eviction day

We are huddled together in terror in our home system due to the fear of the threat of eviction that is hanging over us. The Promised fleet to reinforce all our POS's is crafty indeed. So far they have not revealed their numbers or composition to us. We wait.

We sit around for hours swapping jokes while nervously standing vigilant at our entrances. Waiting...

Finally we can't take it any more. We go out and run our C3 static at a 100% corp tax rate to help replace some ships stolen in a recent AWOX attempt. After clearing out the sleepers and raiding their data and relic hideaways we return home to once again stand vigil against the threat form the carebears. Time Passes like the flow of a river...

Oh crap our sentries fell asleep at their posts. Whippings are handed out. Were we infiltrated... Did the hostiles sneak in in preparation for a crushing blow. We are all in fear of what is to come. With a little over an hour to go until their POS comes out of RF we prepare some ships for the fight ahead and do what we do best. We wait...

The hour passes and our nerves are shot. Our High-Sec connection which was EOL vanished... We are trapped with only our aggressors who have a very crafty strategy of attempting to lower our guard by being absent. It's a brilliant mind game and we find ourselves not wanting to show for the RF timer. Even though we have podded out 3 and forced 2 others to self-destruct their pods we are sure its only a matter of time until they strike.

We nervously approach their tower and start the bash. It burns down quickly and in its last 2% of structure there is an activation on our C3. Is it them??? No its some Brave Newbies Incorporated lads looking for a fight and we are prime targets sitting around in a bubble bashing a tower. We finish it off and scramble from the bubble like rats from a sinking ship. The French Bears were craftier then we could ever have imagined. Instead of bringing a fight to us they were praying to BOB the whole time to have him save them and bring wrath down upon us. Well being that we don't back down from a fight ever we shipped into some more combat orientated ships and went to war with BNI.

Being our fearless leader I charged into battle first to test our enemy. The Blob was strong with this one and all I could do was take out 1 malediction before the group of them descended upon me and killed the tristan. Well being that 1v4 yielded less then impressive results (more to the point I got yelled at for not inviting the rest of the crew :D). So we shipped into random things and brought more fight to them. The Butchers total at the end was 2/1 their favour as we couldn't break their T2 logi, faction cruiser or T3 with our 4 T2/T1 frigs.

With now completely broken morale and a few less ships we resign for the day and pull our sentries off the holes knowing full well when we wake again we could be staring into a rape cage of doom... May Bob have mercy on our souls

Friday, 25 July 2014

A French Tale of Wormhole Woe

This is a tale of woe

With the industry changes demand for the humble POS sky rocketed. as a result limited supply POS such as  'True Sansha Control Tower' sky rocketed in price.

Our story starts when one business savy French Carebear managed to get his hands on the entrance to Lemons (J164417) and decided to pull down the tower left behind so long ago. They came and tried to leave with it all. It would be a good haul. Much profit was to be made. They licked their lips greedily unaware that the residents of Lemons had noticed their activities and were in fact stalking them

Kill: Kel'dora d'aumont (Magnate)  Kill: Kel'dora d'aumont (Capsule)  Kill: JinChok (Capsule) 

The horrid residents struck without warning ending the lives of those poor innocent frenchies. Next they followed Carbear SOP and attempted to negotiate their way out of the problem. Altho this was mere stalling tactics to get the tower out or even to try a move in as hardeners started getting anchored and onlined. When it became apparent that it was all a ploy to bide time the residents Formed up and struck

The evil residents of Lemons RF'd the POS and demanded a fight. After attempting to REP up the mods also failed  Kill: Jin Chok (Exequror)  Kill: Frederic d'aumont (Deimos) they tried contacting a diplomat about the issue. Dialoge Broke down when they stupidly stayed out in space and got combat probed down  Kill: jaki Issier (Occator)  Kill: jaki Issier (Capsule) 

Having lost 550mil, many hours and getting their tower RF'd they resorted the the Carebear SOP one more time [13:50:41] jaki Issier > voxus = con
They resorted to insults follwed by a good dose of threats
[13:51:30] jaki Issier > so waht your TZ
[13:51:42] Trosken Neirfallas > au
[13:52:04] jaki Issier > well if it very late its better for me  no resistance for kill your pos
[13:52:11] Trosken Neirfallas > lol
[13:52:15] jaki Issier > but you will be here iam sure for that
[13:52:18] Trosken Neirfallas > good luck with that
[13:52:25] jaki Issier > we dont need luck
[13:52:49] jaki Issier > we live in a C6 WH and we have take it by forces so... not the first time for us
[13:53:04] Trosken Neirfallas > c2's are a little different :P
[13:53:13] jaki Issier > well no
[13:53:18] Trosken Neirfallas > we specialise in low class evictions
[13:53:28] jaki Issier > good for you
[13:53:35] Pakakalenya > All this because you lost one ship? I imagine you have endless wars :)
[13:53:52] jaki Issier > i dont care
[13:54:01] jaki Issier > its just how you do the things here

So after all of this the result was that they all got podded out. Feeling bad for them and in an attempt to rescue the situation and get pew in our home hole I tried to remedie the situation with them.

Sadly they wouldn't accept our help and instead sent this mail to me

on verra qui rira a la fin :) mon pauve tu ne sais rien de moi
google translated too
(we will see who will laugh at the end :) my pauve you know nothing about me)

And rejected the friendly gesture

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Operation 'The Good Samaritan' P2

I logged on to the excited commands to get on comms. This is always the way you want to start your eve day off. So on comms I hopped. We had found 5 Domi's and a Raven ratting and couldn't muster the dps/neuts/jams to break them but with my additional toons we were ready to take a crack at it. We formed up and prepared to jump them. As it turned out they were sooooooo slow we had to wait 40 mins for them to clear and salvage their first site. We weren't willing to drop combat probes as this would likely spook them so we waited patiently with several scouts for them to move off the spot I had them at 5% on D-Scan. Finally the last wreck vanished and the MTU was scooped. They Warped!!! Back to the POS....

They sat here for another 15 mins doing nothing then 3 of them left their ships and warped pods out. We formed up a cloaky fleet to gank the ships coming back. Bad luck and in-experience cost us our 1 chance at a kill and our plot was revealed. It happens so we offered an actual fight. the offer was turned down with the worst words possible. 'We don't fight'. And so operation 'The Good Samaritan' was formed up once again.

We started on their only Tower which was very poorly defended. Looked like a potential giant loot piñata with all the industry mods and labs. Figured this would force them to bring out a fight. About 50% shields they suddenly grew a backbone and formed up for a fight. We whelped them and their terrible fits due to really poorly executed plans. They all warped to us at different distances after bouncing out. 1 landed at 30KM (inside Garde optimal) and died instantly. another landed at 70KM and another at 150KM. Then more still landed on short scan but off grid. It got even better as the 150KM and off griders arrived 1 at a time to be picked off at either 0KM or 20Km from us. well we had our fight but since the tower was close to RF we decided to make our point. At around 28% one of these lads logged on and started saying some not nice things in German. So we broke out the GIF's. Then it really started :)

The tears flowed. The standard insults started and the promise that his main Corp was going to get us started. They were going to hire Mercs and were going to hotdrop 200 capitals on our W-Space. We were going to have to quit eve such was his vengeance. Well with this kind of gold here we couldn't just walk away. We left scouts and skirmishers in the hole and came back for the RF timer. Hell we left the hole at first shrink with a scout in the Low-Sec and even allowed their scouts to scan it out and jump in. Although they never did bring a decent fight with all the promises in the Universe flying from that one lad.

While it wasn't a giant Loot Piñata it covered costs which was a bonus. And the tears and further kills we got made it all the worth while. After not being able to sell their hole I gave the entrance to a small gang who were apparently PvP orientated and were looking for a home. This is our Crusade. To fill W-Space with more fighting corps 1 extreme group of carebears at a time. BOB wills it