Monday, 10 March 2014

The Start of the Next Leg

So I finally left the life of High-Sec behind. moved alot of my assets to a staging system near Low-Sec to start jumping them in one at a time as I didn't wanna risk losing the freighter to a random lucky pirate on the way. While I was starting this and the few guys who have decided to join me started coming too we discovered by chance a wormhole in one of the systems in our back pocket. Well part of living anywhere means wormholes so we figured why not check it out. May be some interesting prey inside.

Well as it turns out there was some very interesting prey inside. There was a POS setup inside with just one CHA and one SMA. nothing else no guns, hardeners or EWAR all fueled up and forcefield active. Also there were no less then fourteen sites up at the time. Well none of us had the time to commit to a seige or a bash at the time so I seeded an alt in the hole cloaked up and left it there and continued about my business.

After watch listing the entire corp and making plans on when to initiate this hostile takeover I logged on my alt daily cloaked up and observed. We fell more in love with this hole everyday. It had two statics as we discovered and had the best PI planets I've seen in one place for a while. Here we could use PI to make all components and the fuel itself for our POS - the ice. The statics were perfect for a small corp aswell. One to High-Sec and one to a C3.

So we hit 1 week to the day from our hostile takeover of what turned out to be the most inactive 30 man corp in existence when I logged my alt on and discovered something CRAZY. All the towers and the 2 modules I had grown accustomed to seeing -1 very VERY important thing. The Force Field....

For those of you who don't know about POS's allow me 1 moment of lecturing ;). You have to fuel a POS with its racial fuel or it goes offline. When it is online it has a Force Field which protects it's modules and forces an attacker to shoot it at a greater distance so you have to use longer range weapons to be effective. So if you forget/neglect to fuel it well it becomes a lot easier to take down the valuables.

So I called/messaged the troops to action and scanned down the hole. We got very lucky it was 10 jumps from our High-Sec staging system into Low-Sec which is where a great deal of our assets had been consolidated. So we got what was easy and would work well in a PvP engagement together and rushed the hole. Bringing my favorite combo the Enyo and the Vigilant I was first to arrive as these ships were alot faster the the BS's and ABC's that were also on their way.

Turned out they abandoned the hole as the SMA was empty upon being popped and also that CHA had only a few bulky modules most likely left behind. We popped them anyways and as it was all very impromptu and we all had other places we needed to be soon we called it a night and went our separate ways. Well since then I have sunk almost 1.5 Bil ISK into fitting out a POS and have set it up in the hole claiming it forever as ours (or at least until the next enterprising group spies us out and wishes to contest us our space). We have already made some kills and have learnt alot about living here that we just wouldn't have without having done this. It took me an hour to figure out how to anchor a dam POS module and the credit to that still goes to Rob who looked it up while I cursed CCP for another hard to figure out mechanic.

So now the opp that was planned is now simply a combo of a POCO bash and a POS bash without the timer and no real resistance. We intend to setup another POS here as we all are looking into manufacturing and it could be fun to nut that one out while in here. Anyways not as exciting as some of the previous stories but perhaps instead it could be inspiring ;)

PS this leg of the tour is by invite only. Hit me up if I know you and perhaps you can score an invite :)
PSS This tour has been very educational so far and I highly recommend if you can't join ours to try it out for yourself

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