Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Kerb Stomping

After much time spent we are once again the sole occupants of our wormhole system. Having hired Surely Your Joking to tear down the POS that we couldn't we have finally had some breathing room to finish setting up and go about recruiting more people into our lovely tour.

I'd just like to give a shout out at this point to Surely Your Joking, they promised the POS would be removed and it was. We were offered the means of which we wanted it gone whether by reinforcing it and popping it or by scare tactics. We chose the latter as I would rather take a fight myself I just cant tear down a POS of the calibre that B-Bad (one of our former neighbours) set-up. They were extremely professional in their dealings with us and got the job done. They come highly recommended from me, good job guys.

Ok now that I've finished plugging we finally after almost a week got a fight out of the other corp that had taken up residence in our space. Hence the title of this post. It was a fairly even 3v4 although they don't seem to be able to count properly but meh. The result was almost total domination until they managed to get their scanner back in the hole. The line-up went something like this Dominix Loki Guardian v Raven Vigilant Exequror Naga. They initiated on the Naga and we left it on field to die for the sake of bumping the Loki off the hole. It went like clockwork and the Loki was sent soaring off the hole as the Naga Popped. I pursued in my Vigilant for a second bump engaging my webs between bumps after his velocity slowed down to prevent him from burning away. Again it was sent soaring further from the hole and again a dual web Vigilant held it still. We overheated our guns and hounded on it as it dipped into armor completely ignoring the Reps as it was a shield tanked Loki. As it went into structure a loud cheer was heard on coms from us. Our first real taste of blood against these toothless invaders. We quickly focused again and switched to the Guardian which had stupidly burned a little off the High-Sec Wormhole. We had to jump the Exequror through the hole at this point as it was taking heavy damage from the Domonix. I overheated my micro warp drive for a cycle and bumped the Guardian further before engaging webs on it too. Once again we overheated guns and burned it down while the Dominix helplessly tried to rep it. It didn't change the outcome though as the Guardian also Popped in a Brilliant flash. At this point I ordered the Raven off the field as it was dipping into armor and we had it won. The Domonix jumped into the security of High-Sec as it started to take too much damage and warped to a station somewhere.

We took stock of the situation. The Butchers Bill,
                     KILLS                         LOST                              LOOT
                    572MIL                       84MIL                             81MIL

Total Loss to The 12 Month Challenge 3Mil, Total Loss to Kadabracraft 572Mil + 10Mil of scooped drones.

Now that's what we like to call a good old fashioned Kerb Stomping

So to recap if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire SYJ. The contacts that are listed on their alliance description are the only ones to talk to. My contact was Bradford Clear and his service was impeccable. True Mercs they honour their contract to the letter and afterwards pack up and leave. Also if you intend to live in W-Space make sure you honour it by always trying to give a fight when its practical to do so, care-bears don't belong in W-Space.

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