Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Back to my roots

So after all the cost of setting up and establishing ourselves as the owners of the hole by tearing down the old POCO's and placing our own we went about frantically trying to care bear to make up for lost ISK. I know I know but sometimes you just feel strapped for cash and go farming. I'm sure it's happened to everybody. Don't stress though this isn't a blog about the best way to shoot bots.

So this met with mixed success. While we have farmed quite a considerable amount when PvP comes knocking I am so twitchy I take (and lose) fights no sane man would. So twice I have ordered PvE ships (again I know but nobody else flies armour) to shoot PvP ones. This worked out about as well as one could expect.

We have had much more welcome neighbours move in who live in the EU TZ. They started with an actual good fight and then followed it up a week or so later with a request to join us. A good bunch and very easy to live with.

Anyway back to the whole point of the blog. Last night I decided that I couldn't shoot one more sleeper so I went scanning out the chain on an alt to see what I could see. It was dead quiet and every system had been run about five or six hours before. Disheartened I went home. This is when things got interesting. there was a new signature in home to scan. I quickly acquired it to find out it was a hole IN to a C4. So after jumping in I warped about to see what I could see before scanning. On D-Scan there were four ships similarly named. I tracked down three to a planet which left one in space somewhere. It was a skiff. So checking the scanner I saw there was a grand total of one ore site in system.

The hunt was on. Although it was just an exhumer I wanted to do some YAARRRRing. So I warped at range and it was 150KM off me. I started to slow boat  in while I organised my other toons into heavy tackle, DD and Reps. Because you never know who will come to help. After a painful wait to slow boat and manually maneuvering through the minefield of asteroids I was within scram range so I jumped everything in and squad warped while simultaneously de cloaking and scramming the Skiff. Once I had him well and truly pinned down I warped the covops out to safety cloaked up. Then he did something that could have been brilliant but wound up being not so. He ejected from the ship. Well being strapped for cash as I was I decided to turn this to profit in my old ways as a High-Sec wardeccer. I quickly dropped point on the skiff and acquired the pod. Then I dropped web on the skiff and slammed if full force with the armour tanked vigilant while webbing the pod to create some separation form the two so he couldn't re board it. I then opened conversation with him and demanded 100 Mil ISK to let the pod go. After some Russian translation issues he payed with what I can only assume was cursing. Google translate didn't spit out much but what it did wasn't nice enough to repost here ;). I released the pod and took the skiff home for inspection. IT HAD BLING????

That's right this Skiff had faction hardeners on it. Well with my total haul being worth more then all the care bearing I had done that day I explored this new chain. Around 4 systems deep I found a lone drake in a system without a POS on D-Scan. Only being 1 site in this system and 2 sigs (the one I came through and its Low-Sec static) I warped to the ore site at less range then before. Sure enough there was a Drake killing the sleepers. So I got my force down the chain and prepared to jump it. And jump it I did. It was halfway through shields before it even started to yellow box back. This pilots slow reaction also scored me another 100 Mil pod ransom.

As always the ransoms were honoured and everyone was happy. Except that one angry Russian that thought he would come back for some revenge in an Astero and got trapped in High-Sec as a result.

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