Monday, 28 July 2014

The day after the day after our eviction day

When I awoke for the day I decided to log in and check on things. Intel flooded my mail box on our would be evictors mining efforts and which station they were most likely trading at. Crafty Bears they knew we had eyes on them and were preforming mundane tasks to mess with us. Even at this moment precious scout hours were being drawn away from their true plan.

With this revelation morale was shattered in one blow. we all knew we had missed something critical when the scout left his post to pursue this pointless lead. Well in an effort to salvage morale I had no choice but a public whipping at 'Pro Communitate'. This failed to lift morale and so an edict was decreed that random whippings would be handed out until morale improved.

After 3 days of 'almost' around the clock sentry duty I felt the lads needed a break. I took over the watching for hours on end whilst performing 'other' corp duties. Once everybody returned from shopping and fitting up various ships a few of the newer members ran the sites in the C2 that had staticed into us. It wasn't long before they returned with loot. Our evictors to be still hadn't shown their heads this day either...

With nothing left to do but wait we rolled our C3 static over and over looking for a system with some sort of content. Failing to find anything after 5 rolls we called it a early night and I set about plotting and planning out what our next step should be...


  1. Maybe they are working on funding new combat ships? Give them a few months. They may still show up :D

    1. perhaps. they might also have brought a fight and saved their tower too...