Friday, 25 July 2014

A French Tale of Wormhole Woe

This is a tale of woe

With the industry changes demand for the humble POS sky rocketed. as a result limited supply POS such as  'True Sansha Control Tower' sky rocketed in price.

Our story starts when one business savy French Carebear managed to get his hands on the entrance to Lemons (J164417) and decided to pull down the tower left behind so long ago. They came and tried to leave with it all. It would be a good haul. Much profit was to be made. They licked their lips greedily unaware that the residents of Lemons had noticed their activities and were in fact stalking them

Kill: Kel'dora d'aumont (Magnate)  Kill: Kel'dora d'aumont (Capsule)  Kill: JinChok (Capsule) 

The horrid residents struck without warning ending the lives of those poor innocent frenchies. Next they followed Carbear SOP and attempted to negotiate their way out of the problem. Altho this was mere stalling tactics to get the tower out or even to try a move in as hardeners started getting anchored and onlined. When it became apparent that it was all a ploy to bide time the residents Formed up and struck

The evil residents of Lemons RF'd the POS and demanded a fight. After attempting to REP up the mods also failed  Kill: Jin Chok (Exequror)  Kill: Frederic d'aumont (Deimos) they tried contacting a diplomat about the issue. Dialoge Broke down when they stupidly stayed out in space and got combat probed down  Kill: jaki Issier (Occator)  Kill: jaki Issier (Capsule) 

Having lost 550mil, many hours and getting their tower RF'd they resorted the the Carebear SOP one more time [13:50:41] jaki Issier > voxus = con
They resorted to insults follwed by a good dose of threats
[13:51:30] jaki Issier > so waht your TZ
[13:51:42] Trosken Neirfallas > au
[13:52:04] jaki Issier > well if it very late its better for me  no resistance for kill your pos
[13:52:11] Trosken Neirfallas > lol
[13:52:15] jaki Issier > but you will be here iam sure for that
[13:52:18] Trosken Neirfallas > good luck with that
[13:52:25] jaki Issier > we dont need luck
[13:52:49] jaki Issier > we live in a C6 WH and we have take it by forces so... not the first time for us
[13:53:04] Trosken Neirfallas > c2's are a little different :P
[13:53:13] jaki Issier > well no
[13:53:18] Trosken Neirfallas > we specialise in low class evictions
[13:53:28] jaki Issier > good for you
[13:53:35] Pakakalenya > All this because you lost one ship? I imagine you have endless wars :)
[13:53:52] jaki Issier > i dont care
[13:54:01] jaki Issier > its just how you do the things here

So after all of this the result was that they all got podded out. Feeling bad for them and in an attempt to rescue the situation and get pew in our home hole I tried to remedie the situation with them.

Sadly they wouldn't accept our help and instead sent this mail to me

on verra qui rira a la fin :) mon pauve tu ne sais rien de moi
google translated too
(we will see who will laugh at the end :) my pauve you know nothing about me)

And rejected the friendly gesture


  1. Hello,

    Psymon here, one of the directors and FC for three stars association corporation.
    Apparently, it seems you need an explaination as frenchies are not all the same.
    As three stars association, we are acting as gentlemen, in fight, in loose as in win.
    Jinchok and friends (astussan oshadow, Frédéric daumont,...) were members from our corporation, we never heard about this Story untill few days ago while we discovered this blog.

    It seems that we made a good décision when we let them leave the corporation. Those guys didnt fitted with our vision.

    So I must apologize regarding the insults of characters who where still flagged with 3SA corporation tag.

    As I told you before we are Well known in WH Space, and we are playing Like gentlemen.
    You can refer to "vision inc" per example, theses guys are a corp we fought out-numbered, and out-powered.

    As a former english corporation membre (hirr, TGRADs - Morsus Mihi), I can tell you that 3SA got alot to learn, but they are fighting Like lions and are discovering the pvp world with alot of learnings and respect for pvp actors.


    Just to let you Know, jinchok and friends asked us to move along with em, and help them out with a french alliance known as "la division bleue". Problem was we were déployed already. Plus, jinchok just left the corp saying that he had no game time and didnt wanted to play anymore... Once we noticed that it was bullshit he had our trust lost in a certain way.
    So thats why we wouldnt wanted to move our ass to help him.
    ALTHOUGH, we would have enjoyed fighting with you guys, so maybe someday our roads Will cross and we Will get a fight :)

    Psymon - 3SA - FC / Director.

    1. We are always up for fights :). Hell I'm happy to do arranged fights even. It's no drama we really weren't expecting to see a huge eviction fleet from multiple time zones Perma rapecage us and evict us. Could have been fun to be on the receiving end of that but meh. I knew it was all bluff sadly. Also for entertainment purposes I played on a sterotype. I know that there are quite a few french pilots out there that kick some serious ass. I used to fly with one who taught me alot. If your ever down for an arranged fight I'm keen. Mail me. o/

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