Monday, 28 July 2014

Promised eviction day +1?

We all assembled in TS one by one for fear of logging on alone to what we may find. We had all logged off in our most precious ships and decided we would bring a sudden and violent counter attack to the invaders that had surely spent the day bringing down our POS's and rape caging us in.

I gave the command and our forces hit their log in buttons on all accounts. Reports streamed in in a flurry from all sides of Lemons... No body was rape caged. well that was a promising start. Nobody reported any towers or mods had been incapped or even shot at. Hmm perhaps they were waiting for us to let our guard down. We went about scanning down our connections and low and behold everything was normal.

Knowing our evictiors to be could be anywhere I gave the command to check our asteroid fields for ships masking themselves behind asteroids. Our scouts returned negative reports. We checked our C3 Static to see if they were hiding out there. Nothing...

Well this was indeed not what we had all feared. However being ever vigilant I posted scouts on all holes in our system and the 1 static the C3 had to offer and we went to earn some isk in preparation for defending our home. perhaps I got the days mixed up. We were dealing with French Carebears after all maybe they meant 1900 tomorrow? We farmed quickly and efficiently ever vigilant of d-scan and our home. After successfully clearing the sites we retreated back home and placed even greater defences with the proceeds of our own bearing.

Morale was improving a little but not enough to say it had returned to its usual gloomy state that is the life of low class denizens. I decided to take a break for the day and gave out the sentry rotations list. We were going to be ready for when they came. The walls manned 24/7 and all of us ready to jump at a moments notice we all retired to our beds confident that our eyes would keep us safe throughout the night...

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