Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 0 of promised eviction day

We are huddled together in terror in our home system due to the fear of the threat of eviction that is hanging over us. The Promised fleet to reinforce all our POS's is crafty indeed. So far they have not revealed their numbers or composition to us. We wait.

We sit around for hours swapping jokes while nervously standing vigilant at our entrances. Waiting...

Finally we can't take it any more. We go out and run our C3 static at a 100% corp tax rate to help replace some ships stolen in a recent AWOX attempt. After clearing out the sleepers and raiding their data and relic hideaways we return home to once again stand vigil against the threat form the carebears. Time Passes like the flow of a river...

Oh crap our sentries fell asleep at their posts. Whippings are handed out. Were we infiltrated... Did the hostiles sneak in in preparation for a crushing blow. We are all in fear of what is to come. With a little over an hour to go until their POS comes out of RF we prepare some ships for the fight ahead and do what we do best. We wait...

The hour passes and our nerves are shot. Our High-Sec connection which was EOL vanished... We are trapped with only our aggressors who have a very crafty strategy of attempting to lower our guard by being absent. It's a brilliant mind game and we find ourselves not wanting to show for the RF timer. Even though we have podded out 3 and forced 2 others to self-destruct their pods we are sure its only a matter of time until they strike.

We nervously approach their tower and start the bash. It burns down quickly and in its last 2% of structure there is an activation on our C3. Is it them??? No its some Brave Newbies Incorporated lads looking for a fight and we are prime targets sitting around in a bubble bashing a tower. We finish it off and scramble from the bubble like rats from a sinking ship. The French Bears were craftier then we could ever have imagined. Instead of bringing a fight to us they were praying to BOB the whole time to have him save them and bring wrath down upon us. Well being that we don't back down from a fight ever we shipped into some more combat orientated ships and went to war with BNI.

Being our fearless leader I charged into battle first to test our enemy. The Blob was strong with this one and all I could do was take out 1 malediction before the group of them descended upon me and killed the tristan. Well being that 1v4 yielded less then impressive results (more to the point I got yelled at for not inviting the rest of the crew :D). So we shipped into random things and brought more fight to them. The Butchers total at the end was 2/1 their favour as we couldn't break their T2 logi, faction cruiser or T3 with our 4 T2/T1 frigs.

With now completely broken morale and a few less ships we resign for the day and pull our sentries off the holes knowing full well when we wake again we could be staring into a rape cage of doom... May Bob have mercy on our souls

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