Saturday, 15 November 2014

Marmite. Not just a temporary stop Part 1

So while the 12 Month Challenge is at an end I enjoyed my time making this blog and will continue to post amusing fights and stories. That said I decided to go back to High-Sec for a time and joined Marmite again.

So lets kick this off with some laughs at the expense of the carebears. Those guys we all love to wail on but keep us sitting in our ships and keep making the ammo we shoot at them

I had recently rejoined Marmite again and only intended it to be a temporary stay while I was considering what to do next in the huge EVEverse. I was contemplating Going to Low-Sec or possibly when I had more time again to go back to the wormhole I had left. Maybe I still will. It had been quite coming back and just the way I remembered it, lonely in my timezone with only a few hub campers on. Which is something I just can't make a career of doing. I'm a hunter. Always was and always will be.

I logged on and joined Teamspeak and to my surprise there were lads on in the Hek/Rens channel. Well this could be good I was only doing a quick skill Q update before going off to play some DayZ. I jumped in and immediately was asked where I was. Well I was in my home station in Hek. I was told to make my way to Emolgranlan and that they had an Orca about to be tackled onlining a POS and that they needed more points and DPS. I burnt like a mad man and fitted 2 scrams on my Enyo one jump out. We tackled it without incident and realized it would be a race against the clock whether or not we would kill the Orca before the POS Field would come up. Our concerns were not warranted as the Orca's shields and armor burnt off in seconds and it's hull didn't last too long either although it did tank us for about a minute.

Finally the thing we all live for it Exploded in a dazzling array of... well... explodey bits worth 730mil. We snagged the POD too for another 100mil kill. Then the stupidest thing I've seen a bear do in quite some time while we were all still on grid a POSprey arrived in corp and on the scene a full minute after the Orca kill and STARTED REPPING THE POS...

Well after taking a moment to observe local and check for a trap we tackled the POSprey and enacted darwins law on him and the pod he came in for another 85mil isk loss. Being a paid war and observing just how reckless and stupid these lads could be we went back to our homes and reshipped into drone POS bashing ships. Link

Well the rest gets a bit boring we Started shooting a structure and talking shit to each other and linking gif's in local spreading out scouts and all that fun stuff. During the bash we spotted a bestower coming down the pipe to Hek so I grabbed the Gnosis I had parked in system for just such occasions and met up with it down the pipe for some blapage. You know the usual stuff. Link

Well not long after this things got interesting. We saw a small spike of wt's a system over coming in in a mix of t1 crap and shuttles/pods. We sent a scout into the Low-Sec system they came through to see more of them again. Well these bears were going to bring us a fight. We put in a call to help in alliance to see what people may be near by and were rewarded with some of the lads led by Fybs the alliance FC.

We saw their fleet comp and the second they started a warp in we changed up drones to appropriate drones for the engagement. I assigned mine and locked up all the ships in my fleet since i was in RR domi's and started to get ready to land reps on people.

I wish to give credit to their FC in that fight for working over our 2 pilots who sat still in shield Ishtars among an armor fleet with armor reps :P. I simply couldn't hold reps on them and we lost 2 Ishtars but ultimately came out Isk positive and pushed the tower into RF. Thanks to Fybs's FC'ing we spread points at the end and caught a sizeabel chunk of their ships. Link

GF's were said all around in Local and we left ready to come back another day...

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