Wednesday, 19 February 2014

You always remember the first time

The day started like most other days as part of an alliance that is hated by sooo many... *BORING*

I had spent some time on a gate camp with my fellow Marmites before deciding that I couldn't take doing that for hours on end. It just wasn't for me. So I went to Jita and killed people on the undock with another Marmite. after an hour of this I wanted to quit... This also wasn't for me. I found my way back home to Hek and was considering if I had made a huge mistake. It was at this point I was contacted by another Marmite who had seen me in local. After a minor scolding for not being in the correct Team speak channel I joined him in comms and found out he needed my help with some neutral reps he suspected were in waiting for a station game a friend of his was about to get into. I got on an Oneiros kill here and acquired and held point from 24 and even 25km by overheating which allowed for him to polish it off nicely before it could warp off. After this incident we got talking on Teamspeak and he took me under his wing and showed me the 'proper' way too hunt mission runners. This was the stepping stone I needed to get into this world of High Sec PvP which is often looked down upon but to be honest is as intense and trickier then any other I've experienced throughout my time in the uni.

After a few good kills he called it a night. But I was on a high. I had more kills to my name and had made more isk then in any one session of play before this day. I wasn't ready to quit for the day quite yet and decided to keep at it. After a near miss or two resulting in the potential victim logging off I finally hit mission runner gold. I found a Tengu. The holy grail of mission runner hunting. Not because it's easy to catch (if your good its dammed hard to catch you in one of these bad boys), not because it's an expensive hull or requires alot of skill points to fly, but because most people running one of these are making a load of isk and bling them something shocking. So after much patient hunting, scanning (I missed him on the station) and using every trick in the book (that I had really only read the index on at this point) to locate him in space he wandered back through the gate straight into the camp I had set-up...

I acquired and called point in an excited voice...  The missus gave me a look at this point as my headphones were off and I had just been talking to her about what I was doing. A sure sign I was alone on comms he burnt off the gate either trying to pull me off it to kill me or trying to get away stupidly who knows? It was an RvB pilot Care Bearing and once we were 40 off the gate he lit me up like a Christmas tree and it was on from there. It got close but after a minute of exchanges it became apparent that the Tengu was not walking away form this and began to deagress and burn back to the gate. Having kited me off it and being webbed I had a lot of time to follow and blap at him however if he knew how low my capacitor was he may have kept going because I was turning off hardeners to keep the guns going and to pulse the prop mod to keep up. I realized that if I didn't do something straight away he was going to hit the gate and be out of reach on structure with how the shield rep's were keeping him up. I burnt at the gate full prop then turned around for the bump. If I missed it was going to be another near miss story and if I hit it was going to be potentially the biggest kill to-date. I burnt at him full prop and had a thought. I turned off the web. The web disengaging moments before I hit was probably the difference maker and he soared off another 12km from the gate. I followed prop mod on and web and slammed him again. this sealed his doom and as structure chewed away he aligned to a celestial and accepted his fate.

The ship *popped* in what I swear was the most intense explosion I have seen in the game yet and the pod was gone the same moment. GF came up in local and I was shocked by the good nature of this pilot who had just lost skill points and ship to what many consider to be the scum of the EVEverse. I was 'working' for one of the most hated groups out and about and had jumped a clearly PvE fit ship and a GF was given. I returned it and he then went on to tell me 'that was an amazing bump, I tried to avoid it but the web held me fast as I tried to turn and I couldn't get enough velocity back up to avoid you. It felt like I was sitting still in the water.' We chatted for a bit and I looted the wreck and docked up. There in the wreck was one single Caldari navy ballistic control. This was my single greatest windfall form one item. I couldn't believe it. I sold it for the best price I could using a sell order and suddenly felt as if I had cash to burn. This was to me at this stage 2 days of solid farming made in a mere 2-3 mins of combat (and a good 30 mins of tracking).

I had found my High-Sec calling. I was hunting mission runners and I finally felt like it was a viable way to make isk. Also a special shout out to RvB for making this possible by their callousness towards running missions during wartime and also for giving the fights :)

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