Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Little Orca That *almost* Could

So this is the story of the Orca that will never appear on killboards and never had a chance to have his embarrassing loss shown to the world. That's ok because you will get to read it and learn *hopefully* from his mistake.

So not a few hours before this incident I had just linked a certain wingman my orca kill form the day before and he commented he had never killed an orca before. I told him not to worry we would get 1 for him eventually. To my utter amazement an alt of mine crossed jumped a potential WT orca...

I checked if the war was still live and sure enough it was so with all possible speed the Enyo was dispatched and Wingman was ordered to get his butt down there as well as any alts he travels with so we could get this Whale of a ship. Well disaster struck as far as I was concerned I caught up on a constellation gate(a whopping big gate). I decloaked and burnt at the centre and the orca decloaked too only problem was it was 45km off me. I burnt overheated straight at it hoping to aquire point at 28km. sadly this was not to be at 30 it warped off. I was sure it would be to 1 of the stations in system but to my amazement it seemed to be the next gate on the leg...

This gate was a system gate and I warped to it and held waiting for the beast to land(65AU is a long way to go if your flying a Whale). Sure enough it did with all the other pilots en route just 2 jumps behind. after a brief staring contest it blinked and jumped. this was the best possible outcome. I followed while still bringing the alts. Decloaking instantly and burning at the gate i was in position... where was the orca... time stood still...

The alts in warp to gate and finally the beast decloaks and aligns TO THE NEXT GATE??? Point was acquired and called. The fleet jumped in and soon enough he was webbed and had more points on him then a pyramid. The burning down of the beast commenced. as it started to lose its armor the strangest thing happened it engaged self destruct and the POD ejected and instantly warped off. Well seeing the potential for isk to be made I asked my wingman if his Orca pilot was with the minions following him and sure enough it was so he ejected and entered the Orca. after stuffing around for a minute he ejected and had me lock it back up so no one could steal our prize he moved his other ship to dock and as he did a Brilliant explosion lit up my screen....

That's right he forgot to turn off the self destruct... well after a moment of bewilderment I burst out laughing. you have gotta laugh at something like that really.  a moment later he announces he has 220 mil in his wallet from the Orca's insurance. We contacted the former owner told him well played and proceeded to thank him for the 220 mil insurance payout. He was not impressed about not getting the insurance payout and congratulated us on our fine 'kill'


  1. Sounds like a bug to me, I've had to stay in my ships to have the self destruct running, as for the insurance well that's definitely not right lol

    1. Not at all. You can leave your ship after starting the countdown and it will still go pop. Also we worked out the mechanics behind the insurance. You see a ship is insured for a certian amout regardless of what you do. Once my wingman sat in the Orca it became his property as he was the last one to sit in it. Hence when it went *pop* 'his' Orca was destroyed giving him the insurance payout. If you still don't believe me I suggest going and trialing it. It is a repeatable process after all ;)