Sunday, 16 February 2014

PLEX For Good

When the call went out I was skeptical at first about 'donating' PLEX and real money was going to be given to a country in need. It just didn't seem possible. So I checked it out did some research and it all seemed legit. Then it happened, Marmite Collective decided to do a drive for it to help raise funds. The Dec For Good drive. Everyone who was decced had to give a PLEX to end the dec and Marmite would forward that on to CCP. Well it also did an internal drive as well and having a lot of stuff lying around in hangers I complied it all at Hek and tried to sell it as best I could to donate the isk to help fund the purchases of PLEX for the drive. It was very successful and if something like this was to come up again I would once again be on board and reccomend you do too if possible.

All in all after this was done I was left with the ships in my hangers and the ammo in their cargo bays. I was space poor once more but I felt really good about it and went out on a rampage to earn some more isk so I had a little more to burn once more. There is no better feeling then turning make believe money into real money to help real people and anytime I ever get a chance to do so I will be all over it. The next time a PLEX For Good campaign is done why not consider getting in touch with 'BKM Industries' from Marmite Collective and talking to him about it he is always on board with such things

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