Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Warning to Ninjas

This is a little story that happened during the period of time when it was possible for drones to agress you when you lit up somebodies MTU(mobile tractor unit). As a result of this 'feature' the count of ninjas in my local area sky rocketed and you couldn't throw a Fedo and not hit one. So I set out on a campaign to rein in this menace to MY mission runners and remove any who were not 'friendly' towards us.

The first kills of this nature were smallish in comparison to the damage they were causing but slowly word spread through the communities that 'enforcers' out there killing off these would be ninjas jumping on the bandwagon of greifing just because it had become easy. Finally even Goons came to my area to have fun at the poor mission runners expense. Well not only were we at war with them but this over fishing of mission runners meant that targets were getting fewer. Something had to be done so Intel channels were formed and select people were invited to them to Inform of whereabouts, ships and even warp in's. The goons who had decided to take this up were passed onto me from my informant in the Intel channels (I don't make an appearance as it scares off WT's in the channels). Information was vague at best, they were killing MTU's and there was two of them. Finally a kill was linked and we set about locating the goons. as it turned out their 'safe spot' was about 2000k off the only station in system.

It was an Ishtar and a Legion... Could my Vigilant and Enyo Take this kind of potential? Was the Legion DD or RR. I called in backup and soon enough a hunting buddy of mine was ready to take a swing at them. we waited while the Ishtar destroyed yet another series of MTU's. Finally it came bakc on short scan form a cloaky alt and we jumped into system and warped in. The plan was simple. Vindoes in his Ishtar (my partner in enforcement this day) was going to point and hold onto the goon Ishtar while using dorne to hit the Legion. My job was simple I was going to burn the legion hard and fast with all I could muster then assist with the Ishtar. Points were called and shots were fired. To my utter amazement I was acquiring point on the pod after just 2 volleys. Pod was popped promptly as a fight was still occuring and we moved onto the tough nut to crack. It was all over in moments and GF was given in local by us. Only tears were had by the goon who didn't lose his pod calling us everything he could think of and come find him in Null-Sec before logging out. This had a fun side affect, the affected players in local asked ofr the kill mails and since there were no WT's in local we obliged linking 2 bil isk in losses  The legion was boosting in High-Sec while at war...

Local were amazed and so were the Intel boys and girls feeding us the information we needed that led to the kills. The isk flowed in and soon enough we had over 100mil isk in donations form local for sorting out their problems on their behalf. This led to linking more and more ninja kills in local and more and more isk. It became more isk efficient then any other PvP activity I've done in High-Sec. Its now down to a fine art we have trained a few of the Intel guys to gather certain details and then to send them through. we may not get every ninja but we get enough that I like to think of 'my area' as the safest from ninjas of all the SOE hubs.

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