Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Mission runner that almost got away

So this short story is all about a Tengu pilot that could have avoided his loss and walked away at any point. However two factors worked towards me in this fight. the first is he was pretty mad and the second was that he forgot where to put his warp scrambler. I'll start at the beginning...

It was every High-sec mission runner hunters dreams come true. every mission runner in eve had descended on one of three hubs to run SOE missions for the loyalty points were about to be worth up to 3X normal loyalty points. This clustering of mission runners meant for a high volume of potential targets and with the tools provided to me by the greatest hunter I have known yet I set out to carve through them one at a time.

I logged on this day and put my alt on the station to watch for targets. What unlocked wasn't quite what I hoped for but a kills a kill. After getting the details I needed to hunt I began to move into position. It was a Noctis and it went to a mission pocket. After following it in and acquiring point I alleviated this poor mission runner of his salvage ship and pointed the pod. I had been trialing ransom's at this point and decided to start a conversation with the poor victim of my aggression. It became apparent he was Russian from the communication barrier but I got across that for 500mil I'd let the pod go. To my absolute surprise not a moment later my wallet was blinking. 500 MIL WAS DEPOSITED.....

Well what do you do when someone pays this kind of ransom. Clearly his pod was worth billions however a deal is a deal even with a High-Sec mercenary of his word. So I let him go. I proceeded to move my hauler alt into position to pick up the goodies the Noctis left behind. As I was doing this he appeared back in local again and I began to mash short d-scan. what I saw scared and excited me. A TENGU...

This beast took the gate and came at me guns blazing. What else was there to do but shoot back and the battle commenced. I was a two combat ship operation  and pointed him with both and started the long process of breaking him. To my amazement he opened chat with me once more and demanded 'Give me my isk back.' Well not letting the chance slide by I replied with give me 500mil isk and i let your Tengu go and the battle began.

This Tengu was a beast and my brick tanked Deimos just couldn't match it blow for blow. I was forced off field and warped off as it appeared he didn't have a point on the ship. There were no stations to dock at. No way to repair the ship so I left the Enyo to hold him while I docked up a jump over and repaired. The undock timer took 5 minutes or so it seemed and the fight raged on Enyo VS Tengu. He was winning and re-genning shield faster then I could burn it off. Finally the Deimos came back on field and the Enyo warped off with only 1/3 structure remaining. This was still not the turning point as the Enyo self repaired at the sun to come back and yet again hold him for the poor Deimos reducing him to structure this time but also going deep structure before warping off. Again repaired up at station the Deimos came back for what was surely the final attempt as help was spotted on an alt just 3 jumps out. The Deimos came in guns overheated drones full tilt and Enyo did a quick bounce out and in instead of repairing up this time. Luck was with me and he didn't re-focus the Enyo and finally after what is the single longest fight I've had ended in a stunning display of fireworks. This time he got the pod out. The loot was worth it but to be honest the fight itself is what made this truly memorable. Help arrived 30 seconds too late in the form of a catalyst and a Merlin. I saw it on short scan and in local window. They however turned around and left as nothing could be done to help. Later that day the catalyst was up on contract in Hek form the would be hero of the story.

After losing his ship and vowing revenge in local as best he could he left and once again I looted and took the proceeds back home to horde as I didn't need the isk due to a sudden 500mil windfall.

PS if you ever go back to seek revenge in a PvE fit ship the scram in the cargo hold should take up one of your mid slots as its pretty had to activate form your cargo hold ;)

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