Monday, 23 June 2014

The Do's and Dont's of moving ops

This is an educational post mostly about my experience in running moving ops out of and back into W-Space.

The Don't's
First Don't
This is something I nipped in the bud stage before it became an huge issue for the dedicated few. Never let everyone go free for all down the chain trying to move their own assets out. Especially when there are multiple Corp assets to move out. Any Corp Assets getting moved like Staging equipment/multiple POS that sought of stuff moved via Indies or even Loot Ships from a successful eviction/smash and grab should always take precedence over other peoples personal ships. Enlist every able bodied person about to help move these assets or picket holes. If you let people as a whole move what they want they will leave you and your dedicated few the daunting task of moving out everything else.

Second Don't
Never bring along 1 Indy ship to an eviction they may just drop 1/2 a freighter full of loot out of their XLSAA which they are using like a giant CHA and you get stuck moving it out 35000m3 at a time. This is a huge DON'T as it makes for some very argro people. Trust me on this one

Final Don't
When everybody has been up for 20 hours + and just wants to get to K-Space after a good fight/eviction it's probably not a good idea to find them a fight. I mean we all want a fight but some people have lives and need sleep and just want to go to bed and finding em a lovely little gang to mix it up with on the way home makes people argro :D

The DO's
DO be positive the whole time. If there is 1 grumpy person on Coms silence them. Grumpiness spreads like an Aussie bushfire in the middle of summer. If your grumpy and running the op it's best everybody doesn't know about it :D.

DO be quick and efficient in it. Have as many people moving as possible but never leave yourself vulnerable especially when asset hauling is in progress. I suggest cloaky eyes all along the chain on the side you are jumping through to.

Finally once you are down to combat ships assuming everything went well move them on out too if you have the mass left in the chain along with the staging POS if there is one to be moved and have a few scouts follow. Never let a combat ship get caught out by collapsing a hole without someone to quickly find them a route out.

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