Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Operation 'The Good Samaritan' Part 1 of (many)

It was a relatively quiet day in our C2. We were gearing up to run our C3 for some isk when we noticed a new signature in home system. Well never being one to pass up potential PvP we scouted it and found a indy corp and we managed to catch sight of a Viator going to High-Sec. So we set up a trap to try and catch it, it was not to be they had cloaky scouts on the hole and he simply sat in High-Sec so we tried a new ploy to jump back into him warp off to the POS and warp back cloaked ready to catch it. It was just after I warped my Phobos off their hole he jumped straight through. well admiring the fact he managed to pull a fast one on us we went in looking for a fight instead.

They geared up what looked to be 5 characters into potential combat ships. Then proceeded to POS spin for 15 mins then started logging off one by one. Well we weren't going to take that and went over to their relatively undefended POS and started shooting it a bit to get some attention. It worked and instantly we noticed all 5-6 log on at once. hoping to get this fight we shipped back to our combat cruisers and waited for the fight to come to the hole. But again they started logging off. I finally gave up and used local chat and offered a fight on even terms if they would take it. No response. I offered my standard line when a fight wasn't forth coming, 1v1 T1 frigs? No response. I then gave in and threatened that in Bobs Holy land when 2 shall meet a good fight shall be had. This is the will of Bob. The last of them then logged off...

Well I was a little pissed at being blue balled yet again by Wormhole care-bears so I talked to the CEO of my sister Corp in our C2 and we got into bashing ships and went for the undefended tower. Sure enough we got a log on. Yet still no fight. instead simply moving materials from the undefended POS to the really badly defended POS. This was the last straw. If they weren't interested in even coming out to save the POS then they weren't going to live here any more. I moved my spare POS to their system and set it up nice and handy near the first POS we started bashing and we spent a couple of hours putting it into reinforce.

We then missed the RF timer due to real world commitments and what not but proceeded to bring in ships and more people. Better prepared we once again bashed the POS down and were pleasantly surprised to find out that it only got enough Stront for another 2 hours. After polishing it off we took a few days to finish preparation and wait for the weekend to come. THEY WARDECCED US???

That's right not officially a formed alliance they wardecced only our sister corp only and we assisted naturally. This was interesting perhaps they were going to show some backbone 500mil in lost towers later. Nope they formed up when they thought nobody was online and tried to bash our staging POS. Well our entrance systems were 4 jumps apart hence nobody really active in their hole but scouts. So I put out the call to my lads and we joined the one fella from the sister Corp online and took a HIC, Proteus, Enyo and a Curse and landed on them thanks to a cloaky scout.

The Buble went up and I called primary neut and DPS targets. I called a spread of scrams to stop micro jump drives and after the first Raven went down I noticed that the Golem wasn't in bastion mode. I also noticed my Enyo had done around 1/3 of its shields in damage already. Diverging from my original plan of leaving it till last and just capping it out I called it primary. It took only seconds and it popped. I've killed a few Golem's with more DPS then we just fielded and I have NEVER seen one die that quick except a non fitted autopilot Golem I once stumbled upon. We promptly popped pods and the remaining ships and started to loot and take stock. 4 ships 4 pods no losses. A perfectly executed op. Not wasting time I called a rolling of the hole on the off chance that was the majority of their pilots podded out.

Now having time to breathe we set about looking at our kill mails. We were in for a bit of a surprise... 2 RR ravens fitted with a drone link augmentor and 2 shield transfers each... a typhoon fitted the same... and to our horror a Golem ALSO FITTED THE SAME......  NO bastion. No Local Reps. We were shocked. It was a truely terrible fit for doing anything with. We realised at this point we were was much doing Bobs Divine Will as doing these guys a favour. We named the op at this point 'Operation The Good Samaritan'

A few days went by before the big POS bash we had planned and a few skirmishes happened along the way resulting in quite a few poddings and removing of terrible terrible fits. One Loki was completly untanked and to this day I'm still unsure why it was burning around in my bubble since it was nullified.

Finally the big day. We started at 5:30AM local time as it worked best for the majority of the bashers. It took around an hour of bashing and they finally started to realise they were going to lose it all. They launched a Pheonix into space!!! We had seen it already but they looked to be hiding it up until now. We were prepared our Domi's and Geddon had prop mods to speed tank this beast and we had gaurdains feedingus cap when needed so we could bump this bad boy should it come out.

Well first attempts to dislodge us came in the form of a terrible attept with battle ships. this ended in 1 sided losses. they switched tactics. They tried to shoot us from the other side of the POS with the Pheonix. I bounced us off a celestial and straight back on it at 0. It POS'd up again. I asked for a scout to get me a cloaky warp point 150km off us on the other side of the tower expecting this game of cat and mouse to continue. Instead he came out at us full pelt and sieged up. This video will explain the rest better then I ever could. For those of you who don't know what a Aussie sounds like after a week long eviction with little to no sleep every night this is also an educational video :P Pheonix Down

After this fight a pleasant unexpected offer came through local chat. Surrender terms :D. We said unanchor the sma's we want to see what you have. We left with all their battle ships T3's and T2 cruisers. Those that didn't already get popped that is :D

This will now be our crusade. It is at this moment the 12 month challenge shall end as we have answered Bobs call to Purge those who don't follow his ways. Operation 'The Good Samaritan' Shall be an ongoing thing

Bob Wills It

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