Monday, 23 June 2014

Escape and Evasion

It was just another Saturday night and we were rolling holes in our current C3 connection because it resembled Swiss cheese and we wanted to run some sites. After successfully rolling 4 X702's (K-Space to C3) we had just 1 more to do. All was going smoothly until I jumped in my raven light and the hole collapsed behind me leaving me stranded deep in goon space with too many jumps to count to High-Sec.

We had discussed this possibility when making our Corp Raven fit for C3 running and as a result I had a Mobile Depo, probe launcher and probes. So after a quick refit I was ready to try and scan my way out of hostile space instead of almost certain doom. after 4 systems I finally found a connection to a class 3 which made all the class 3's we had been running look sparse. Sadly I scanned my way around and found a wondering connection to a class 2. The class 2 led me to another class 2 which had active members who launched combat probes within 30 seconds of me appearing in system. Well the race was on I scanned its static C2 down warped to 0 and jumped straight through.

Bob was with me this day and I cross jumped the Saber that was set to catch me and managed to drop probes once again and warp off before I got pinned down. Combat probes were soon in system and I warped to the first wormhole at 100km I found which was the C4 static it had. as I warped off as a Buzzard declaoked 10km off me. After 5 mins of constant warping I managed to track down the High-Sec. I warped at range and sure enough there was my friend the Saber. So I warped back to the C4 at 50km this time and had him land at 100km, 50km away. I aligned back out to the HS static and managed to warp before he burnt the distance towards me.

I landed at 0 on the High-Sec hole and hoping it wasn't an Island I sat there. I had been pursued for near on 10 mins total and wanted a chance to actually fire some shots back. First up to land on me amazingly was the Buzzard. Who in a ballsy move De-cloaked and scrammed me. I dorpped drones and launched a wave of rapid lights soon as I acquired target. he dropped almost instantly into deep structure and jumped b4 a second volley launched. Next up was the Saber Landing as the Buzzard jumped. Repeated the process except he took a few volleys before jumping too. Finally the cavalry landed. A single Proteus and 2 T1 cruisers. Had I realised this was all I was being persued with I'd have hdd it out 100 off a hole instead of at 0.

I tried to burn out but with my AB on was moving at a nice steady 45MS with all the webs on me. So I started on the T1 Cruisers. First 1 took all of a reload to force to jump. The second wasn't quite as tanked and I was chewing at its structure before it was suddenly a 1v1. These Ravens we devised were indeed amazing. The Dual ASB and resists could tank what I was taking from these lads. Well The Proteus was a nice mix of tank and DPS and I wasn't forcing him off field anytime soon. I switched to EM missiles as he clearly had filled his explosive hole right up. My damage increased but not enough for a quick victory. soon both ASB's were reloading and my armor started chewing down. The first ASB reloaded after my first hit of structure. And again I was back on top. Finally after what seemed forever the Proteus jumped too.

Having had an amazing fight and driving off a great 5v1 I jumped through myself to find 4 very sad looking burning ships and 1 unaccounted for buzzard. I set destination for our home connection which was 30 jumps away gave a gf in local which was ignored and started the long journey home. Although it was quite a bit closer and safer then the trip I would have had to have made without scanning down some new chain :D

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