Friday 1 May 2015

The 'Axis of Evil' vs 'The Mouth and Friends' part 2

After a few more fruitless days of chasing around AD and missing out on the only fight that happened over some POCO's due to real life issues I was quite happy to hear we had RF'd a whole system full of POCO's and could expect a fight. I was not happy to hear the first came out at 5AM... (1900 eve time)

1850 I awoke and started my morning routine to be ready for the POCO bashing op. I had tried to move ships the night before but had to dock up 7 jumps short and log off for RL reasons. I logged on and finished the move to Uitra ready for the fight ahead. Com's was full of the usual shit talking and general chat before the boring task of killing POCO's.

1940 The first POCO is killed and I am AFK for it. We observe a small AD fleet forming up in Dodixie and start to ping our members to come back as a fight may be coming. At this point we number roughly 35-40 including neutrals and are curious what they have in store for us with this 15 man fleet.

2100 Four POCO's are dead and AD have managed to lose our scouts however Eve University pings show the fleet has appeared in Jufvitte and our scouts arrive just in time to observe an E-Uni 'Blob' mop them up. A good laugh is had at their expense as this 15 man NewBro fleet mops up their fleet without a single loss. We also then finish off POCO 5

2220 While we continue to take out POCO's their fleet once again ignores us and goes after the Eve Uni guys with a bling fleet consisting of 3 Prots, 1 Loki, 5 Absolutions, 1 Brutix, 2 Augs and 2 Guardians. This time we decided to go down to assist Eve Uni in Stacmon and start jumping our way down utilizing some tricks to lose the neutral eyes on us. As we appear 3 jumps out our scouts observe AD getting faces smashed in by a 40-50 man IVY fleet on the station. We hope to catch some fleeing from the battle but a stray POD belonging to Murdoch Luther jumps into us and all of AD in Stacmon log off.

2315 AD begin to enter their prime time while AoE begin to dwindle. AD begins to form up in Dodixie and we continue to shit talk between POCO's about how they will probably go back after Eve-Uni again. We are amazed when they start making speed for us. We are busy bashing the final POCO and begin to make preparations for the upcoming fight. When they appear 2 jumps from us we abandon the POCO in 30% structure and rush to the gate as the numbers are even and position in the coming fight will be everything. Our FC's rightly call that at range we will lose this brawl and we need to be on top of them as they are bringing range ships. With the POCO on our side of the gate we move all our ships to a position ready to jam/neut the logi should they jump through and catch ships before they can burn to range.

Then something strange happened they set up on the other side of the gate to wait for us to jump through... Well with the objective on our side of the gate we sent a ship back to finish it off and waited. Neutral scouts jumped through and taunted us telling us we had to jump through to fight them. Well we didn't have to do anything we had the objective on our side of the gate and as such had the position advantage that we were not going to sacrifice in a silly attempt to kill a few ships. We forced them to come through by continuing on the POCO and telling them once it was done we would dock up for the night.

They warped off and back to the gate at 0 and jumped into us. Several of their ships declaoked only to burn for the gate and jump again never to return to the fight. With roughly 4 of their ships not committing to the fight the battle turned from 19vs19 to 15vs19. They focused on our Neuting battle ships while we focused on their T3's and Absolutions. With a combination of jams and neuts their logi simply couldn't keep up and they lost a Prot and an Absolution before deciding the field was unwinnable and warping out/deagressing and jumping back. During this one minute weapons timer we killed another Absolution and a Guardian we had managed to bump off the gate. The result was a clean sweep of 4 kills to 0 valuing at roughly 1.4bil ISK. GF's were had in local but in private channels the effects were not yet done.

Rage flew about the place about how Saeger had started this fight but was yet to join in and had even made the wars mutual. Discontent was high and with 4 corps already out of the alliance more may soon join them as AD continues to lose ground in this war. While the losses have been fairly minimal the loss of content to their members is taking its toll with many prominent members having already left. AD need a decisive victory or a Failscade will soon follow. Also is morale so low that their own members won't commit to a fight or is there other internal issues between corps at play here? Only time will tell.

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