Friday 13 November 2015

Krab Hunting

While not the usual exciting exploits I felt I needed to just write something.

There were 3 members of my NewBro corp Rabble Alliance wanting to go out and get blown up. I may be wrong on that point in hindsight I think one of them said kill something but he was asking me so I just assumed he meant he wanted to get blown up. Anyways we traveled Minmatar FW space and all we found was one very on the ball breacher pilot who was warped or cloaked before we ever landed. All three times...

Low-Sec turning into a right bust we headed for Null-Sec and decided that germinate was handy and went a Krab Hunting. Krab Hunting is looking for people doing carebeary things and well depriving them of their ships and hopefully juicy loots. We went from one end to the other with no luck and finally in the second to last pocket we found a fight. A PvP fit Geddon with a rack of neuts, 2 Rattlesnakes and a Rail Deimos. Well bored as hell I took the fight with 4 Tristans. I decloaked first to discover first hand what the Geddon was packing and with the last of my MWD cycle burnt straight up praying to Bob it would take me far enough away from the Geddon to recover some cap and maintain my speed and transversal. Sure enough I pulled out too 36km before my MWD shut off and moments later it was firing again for me. I started yelling warning to my comrades about staying aligned, maintaining speed and range and most importantly not too get scrammed... Sadly as I started the instructions my first Wingman paid the price for carelessly orbiting into the face of the Deimos. He was soon joined by my other 2 comrades (link 1, link 2) on this roam and I was left all alone to fend off the Russians with my loan frigate. Well I tried to crack the Deimos but the best I could manage was to de-drone him.

I was unsure what to do when I noticed a Condor, Merlin, Crow on D-Scan which brought me new hope and an actual sense of danger no cruiser/BS they had fielded could cause. I aligned out and as soon as the Merlin and Condor came up on short scan I warped off. I bounced straight to the station at 30 to discover the crow waiting patiently and decided to buzz him. I flew so close while locking and dumping my Acolytes on his head he quickly gave chase. His buddies all came warping in at 40-80km from us and I proceeded to drag him a further 40km off the fight to ensure no foolery with ongrid warps would affect our honorable dual whether they wanted too or not. I began to notice he wasnt actually firing at me and well to be quite honest wasn't even able to maintain point if I didn't want him too...

He was active tanked and each time I was sure his last charge had been sued up there was another tick... Man this little bugger just didn't want to die, with people warping off grid to what I can only assume was just going to be a quick bounce I burnt straight at him to lower his speed and allow my acolytes to do their full potential. This gamble was almost devastating as he repped a chunk of shields with half armor damage and scrammed me. Dam this was it his friends were going to end my glorious piloting with a blobbing of battleships. Nope the Crow taking now full dps from my drones as he was approaching me died very quickly. I collected his loot as he warped off to the sun and his buddies in their over sized ships landed on my head. I admit I panic warped to the sun at 0. Right on top of the now AFK pod of the Crow pilot... Well I did the only decent thing and returned him to the station and collected my trophy. I returned to the station as the big ships decided I wasn't worth chasing and started some sort of weird wrong side of the gate gatecamp... Russians... Upon my return a Maulus decided he was to be my match and died in a few seconds and also was courteously returned home by myself. Well having now achieved 4 kills and docking up a Gila who didn't have a pair at all (Tristans are scary) I decided I had pushed my luck too far already. I jumped through the weird wrong side gatecamp and all the battleships followed me. What they hoped to achieve I'll never know but I then headed home having claimed the ISK victory as well as increasing my E-Peen ever so slightly. 

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